Cordless vacuum cleaner brand selection

Which domestic cordless vacuum cleaner is good?

1 beautiful

The price of the US vacuum cleaner is relatively low, which is a kind of high cost performance, which is more suitable for beginners to buy. It has always been committed to improving people’s quality of life through continuous innovation and has become the best innovative solutions expert in the global household cleaning field.

2 Tai Yikai TEK

Taiyikai TEK is a subsidiary of Cobos, a domestic family service robot manufacturer, which focuses on the development and production of wireless vacuum cleaners. Taiyikai TEK wireless vacuum cleaner not only achieves excellent clarity, but also has low noise and long life.

3 puppy appliances

Puppy Appliance is a Chinese vacuum brand. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and sales of clean electrical appliances. It is one of the earliest home appliance brands in China to explore Internet marketing. In the era of traditional and Internet consumption, the puppy vacuum cleaner has been in the forefront of the domestic market for 17 consecutive years, and its products are sold to 80 countries and regions around the world.

Vacuum cleaner for high quality life

High-quality life is always a blessing of all kinds of good things, a bunch of flowers, a pot of green plants, a sun, and a household vacuum cleaner, the clean and comfortable home environment is close at hand. Household vacuum cleaners can be said to be one of the greatest inventions in the history of human cleaning tools. The exquisite and lightweight body is easy to operate, whether it is the floor ceiling or the corner gap is clean, more than one machine, more and more people’s daily life. Indispensable clean things.

Several reasons why it is necessary to buy a vacuum cleaner

Does the vacuum cleaner have to buy? Many people will think of this question, first come to give you the answer: it is worth buying! It is necessary to buy! Because it can not only clean the ground, with different tips, can clean the corners of the bed and other homes. You can also clean your car in every place.

For the hair you drop every day: For girls, a lot of long hair is dropped every day, and normally 50-100 hairs per day are lost. The hair is light, very difficult to clean, and the hair is also widely distributed, not only in the bathroom living room, but also on the sofa bed. Traditional tools such as brooms and mops are difficult to clean, and vacuum cleaners are a good solution to hair cleaning problems.

For the whole house cleaning: How does the whole house cleaning include? Cabinet top Furniture bottom Curtains Window gaps Ceilings Sofas Home appliances Surfaces Lamps Beds… Can you really clean yourself? Is there such a comprehensive tool? The vacuum cleaner can be used to replace different tips to solve different cleaning problems, even your car can be easily cleaned.

In order not to let parents bend over: parents are older, but they still need to clean at home every day, although they will not be able to do it, but in order to be clean, there is no way to watch the old man bending over and cleaning, are you supposed to be What are they doing? It’s no exaggeration to tell you: vacuum cleaners can make it easier for parents to clean.

In order to say goodbye to pet troubles: For pet owners, the scene of flying hair is really a headache for many people, so cleaning the hair of the pet is a basic skill of the pet, and in the season of changing the hair, this homework  The difficulty is greatly increased. The amount of hair loss is not soaring, and the hair that has fallen off will drift to every corner of the house. In addition, the cat and dog allergens such as pet dander that is raised in the cleaning will also be detrimental to health, and the vacuum cleaner is very good. You should be troubled by other pet hair.

Pulse blowback industrial vacuum cleaner

Three-phase AKT FC series pulse blowback industrial vacuum cleaner introduces industrial vacuum cleaners from the German industrial vacuum cleaner industry;

Really can work 24 hours without stopping the machine, using the timing back-flush cleaning filter technology, CNC back-flush time can be adjusted, no need to manually clean the filter, better work efficiency!

It is especially suitable for working environments where the amount of dust is large, but it is necessary to continue working;

1 Self-contained air compressor for easy movement

2 Really continuous non-stop work

3 CNC adjustment pulse interval

4 Overload Overcurrent Phase loss protection switch

5 with large filter, easy to replace

6 Quick loading and unloading separate collection bins, moving and handling garbage is easy and simple to operate.

7 With cyclone separator, more dust can be filtered into the bucket to let the dust enter the filter less. The effect of absorbing dust is more obvious, and the suction force is increased by 20% to avoid scratching the filter.

Option to buy a cordless vacuum cleaner

The current home appliance replacement is really fast. The traditional cordless vacuum cleaner market in the past few years is still very popular. But in recent years, since the cordless vacuum cleaner has entered people’s eyes, everyone has started to get started quickly. Because of the cordless vacuum cleaner. It’s really easy to use, and it’s not tied. Today’s Xiaobian is here to introduce you to the elements of the purchase of a cordless vacuum cleaner. Follow the small series!
Is the brush head fully equipped?
Equipped with a full-featured brush head accessory means that the cordless vacuum cleaner will be more powerful, allowing you to efficiently clean every dead corner in your home.
Second, there is no electric brush
The electric ground brush is driven by an independent motor. The high-speed operation of the brush head can easily roll up the dust and dirt, and at the same time, deeply remove the dirt on the ground, and absorb more dust than the conventional vacuum cleaner, and the dust is more thoroughly collected.
How is the quality of the battery?
Some inferior batteries on the market have a short life span and their storage capacity will decrease over time. Cordless vacuum cleaners rely on battery charging to maintain work, so the battery’s storage capacity directly affects the consumer experience. A powerful cordless vacuum cleaner that maintains at least 20 minutes of vacuum cleaning time after being fully charged.
Four filter system
Suction is the primary consideration when purchasing a vacuum cleaner. Cyclone technology directly affects the suction of the cordless vacuum cleaner. Some dust-free bags in the market are filtered by HEPA, which easily blocks the dust bag and causes the suction to weaken. The cordless vacuum cleaner with cyclone technology achieves complete separation of dust and air through high-speed operation, and the suction force is not reduced.

Wireless vacuum cleaner introduction

This wireless vacuum cleaner has a large suction force of 160AW, and the body uses 10W to brushless digital motor, 70 minutes long battery life, three-speed power adjustment, free to choose according to dust conditions. Cleaning is not a problem at all.

It is also very convenient to charge, and it can be charged upright. Handheld weighing only 1.25kg, even the elderly at home is very easy to use, the design of low center of gravity is very user-friendly, high and low dust can be easily removed.

A four-pass purification system is used to efficiently filter dust. Dust removal and sputum effect is good, and a variety of brush heads are included to quickly remove pet hair, while the soft brush can clean the bookcase, curtains and sofa at home. Can give family a clean and comfortable sleeping environment.

Household vacuum cleaner

The continuous high temperature in recent days has made many people very hot. I heard many small partners complain that it is too painful to clean the hot days. In fact, whether it is summer or winter, cleaning the house is a trouble. Summer Even after a few large movements in the air-conditioned room, the sweat began to go out. The cold and bitter ice water in the winter was also really hard to eat, so the vacuum cleaner became a clean weapon for many families.

????????The vacuum cleaner is not a new item. I believe that everyone has seen it in advertisements or in shopping malls at least. According to whether you need to plug in the power cord, the vacuum cleaner can be divided into wired and wireless. Among them, the cable vacuum cleaner can be divided into three types: a bucket vacuum cleaner, a horizontal vacuum cleaner and a vertical vacuum cleaner according to functions and forms. More traditional wired vacuum cleaners often have the disadvantages of high noise, high power consumption, and inconvenient cleaning of corners and low places.

????????Compared with wired vacuum cleaners, current wireless vacuum cleaner products have the advantages of smarter, lighter, lower noise and more functions, so more consumers now choose to purchase wireless vacuum cleaners.

Several systems of vacuum cleaners

1. Motor system:

The exhaust system of the motor system design can directly direct the air downwards, and the motor motor can get the fastest heat dissipation. The control panel includes two switch buttons that can independently control a single motor. A handle is located on the upper part of the machine head, which makes it easy to move the motor system, making it easy to inspect and replace the filter chamber.

2. Filtration system: consultation phone: WeChat with the same number

The filter bag in the filter chamber is a star-shaped polyester filter bag, which can effectively protect the motor, ensuring that dust remains under the filter bag and ensures the output air volume. A higher filtration efficiency of 3 microns is achieved in a 2.5 square meter filter bag area.

3. Manual vibration system:

A vertical moving vibrating screen makes it easy and simple to operate. It can clean the filter bag at any time, prolonging the life of the filter bag itself and preventing dust from clogging the filter bag, thus reducing the vacuum performance of industrial vacuum cleaners and improving the vacuum cleaner of industrial vacuum cleaners. Negative pressure and air volume.

4 Collection system:

A 100% effective 100 liter capacity stainless steel collection tank, acid and alkali resistant. With the patented industrial vacuum cleaner on the barrel device, it is so easy to move and dispose of garbage.

5. Cyclone filter:

More dust can be filtered into the bucket first, so that the dust is less on the filter and the dust is more obvious.

6. Push-type automatic vacuum cleaner: The front can be lifted and fixed to fix the big suction, and the hand push can rotate 360 ??degrees to advance and retreat, which greatly improves the work efficiency and the use of simpler and more happier use. 2800 square meters hour

Vacuum cleaner battery

The battery is the power source for all household appliances, especially for cleaning appliances such as wireless vacuum cleaners. How long does the vacuum cleaner work at a time, and the scope of cleaning is probably related to the quality and capacity of the battery. There are two kinds of nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium batteries. The former is characterized by high safety and stability, but at the same time, it has the advantages of large volume, memory effect, fast charging and high self-discharge rate, but the cost is low, and the lithium battery is small and has no memory. The effect is used with charging, the self-discharge rate is low, and the loss is small, the capacity is longer, the life is longer than that of the nickel-hydrogen battery, but the cost is also higher, and fewer brands are used. The above-mentioned big vacuum cleaners such as Pusangnik and Dyson mentioned above. The lithium battery is used.

What are the advantages of vacuum cleaners?

Now people are pursuing a new life of health and environmental protection. Therefore, after a fixed period of time, they must carry out a comprehensive cleanup of their own. Now technology is more and more developed, and many cleaning projects can be done by relying on home appliances. In terms of cleaning, vacuum cleaners are the most common type of home appliances. So, what are the advantages of vacuum cleaners? Let’s take a look at the following small series!
Where is a vacuum cleaner? Strong cleaning power
The vacuum cleaner has a strong cleaning power, and its main working principle is concentrated on one sucking word, so the cleaning ability is outstanding. The use of a vacuum cleaner can quickly roll up debris on the ground, and it takes only ten minutes to complete the basic cleaning of the room. It is efficient and fast, and is very practical.
Second, where is the vacuum cleaner? Wide range of uses
The vacuum cleaner’s suction port can be replaced freely, so different suction ports can be used for different cleaning modes. In addition to being able to clean the floor, the vacuum cleaner can also clean the home fabrics such as sofa bedspreads, and can also be used to find sundries and empty storage bags.

Three vacuum cleaners are good – various modes
Vacuum cleaners are strong in suction for large pieces of garbage. Second, the size of the mouthpiece can be adjusted at any time. In the face of different environments, it can adapt to different cleaning modes and the cleaning methods are more diverse.
Four vacuum cleaners are good – cheap
The price of vacuum cleaners is generally less than 1,000 yuan, and the cheap ones are only two or three hundred yuan. In addition, the vacuum cleaner has many additional functions. In addition to the common deodorization sterilization, the cordless vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, handle vacuum cleaner and many other products can also meet a variety of needs, so that the indoor cleaning is more thorough.