TOMEFON vacuum cleaner introduction

FEREF is one of the first companies in the world to develop and produce vacuum cleaners. Due to the almost demanding requirements of German products, German products have a good reputation all over the world. As a representative of German products, the Fiona TOMEFO vacuum cleaner is the world’s leading technology, known for its high efficiency and clean quality. The new generation of brushless permanent magnet motors provides powerful power for the Fiona TOMEFON vacuum cleaner. The vacuum of 8500pa and the suction force of 99% keep almost all the opponents in the world, and the thoughtful design of the multi-brush head makes it truly multi-purpose. . The most important thing is that the price is only half of the big foreign brands, the price is very high, and it is deeply loved and respected by consumers around the world.

What is the principle of the vacuum cleaner?

The dust cup filter separates garbage and gas through the vacuum airflow rotating at high speed of the motor, and then filters the material through HEPA to purify the air to avoid secondary pollution. The advantage is that the dust bag does not need to be replaced frequently; the disadvantage is that it should be cleaned after the vacuum is completed. Filtering out 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, the vacuum cleaner using the dust bag will decrease in vacuum as time goes by, resulting in less suction, and it is impossible for the user to replace it every time it is used. Dust bags, so microorganisms such as mites will continue to grow in the dust bag, and these mites will cause secondary pollution to the surrounding environment when cleaning the dust bag. The dust bag is used as a filter feature, which is easy to clean and does not need to be cleaned every day. It is suitable for the factory car beauty cleaning industry. The disadvantage is that the time is long, the filtering capacity of the dust bag is reduced, the pores of the cloth will open, the filtering capacity is seriously reduced, and it needs to be replaced.

Composition of a cordless vacuum cleaner

The composition of the cordless vacuum cleaner 1. The power part: the vacuum cleaner motor and the governor. The governor is divided into manual control and machine control. Motor: There are copper wire motor and aluminum wire motor. Copper wire motor has the advantages of high temperature resistance, long service life and long single operation time, but the price is higher than aluminum wire; aluminum wire motor has the characteristics of low price, but the temperature resistance is poor, the melting point is low, and the life is not as long as the copper wire length. . Governor: Manual control is generally damper adjustment; machine-controlled is power-type handheld button or infrared adjustment.
2. Filtration system: dust bag, front filter, and rear filter. According to different filter materials: paper, cloth, SMS, Hapa (HEPA high efficiency filter material).
3. Functional part: Retractable line mechanism, dust indication, button or slide switch.
4. Protective measures: dust bag protection, high vacuum protection, anti-interference protection (soft start), overheat protection, anti-static protection.
5. Accessories: handle and hose, nozzle, floor brush, flat suction, round brush, bed sheet brush, sofa suction, hook, strap.
6. Principle of vacuuming: The fan impeller of the vacuum cleaner discharges the air in the impeller at a high speed under the high-speed driving of the motor, and at the same time, the air in the vacuuming part is continuously replenished into the fan. This may form a higher pressure difference with the outside world. The dust and dirt of the nozzle are sucked into the dust-collecting part with the air, and leaked through the leaker to collect dust and dirt into the dust cylinder.
7, the original vacuum cleaner: most vacuum cleaners are equipped with an assembly brush for cleaning the floor and carpet. Suction vacuum cleaners are also equipped with a range of cleaning brushes and nozzles for cleaning corners, curtains, sofas and gaps.
8. Throat: All suction vacuum cleaners are equipped with hard hoses for connecting soft hoses and accessories for cleaning.
9. Electric brush: The cleaning head of the internal vacuum cleaner is a special accessory for the hybrid vacuum cleaner.
10. Round brush head: It is also a small nozzle, which can be used for 360* rotation, which is convenient for cleaning furniture and fine mesh fabrics.
11. Flat nozzle: also known as the slit nozzle, is a slender, flat hard nozzle. It is especially suitable for cleaning wall edges, radiant warmers, corners and shallow and narrow places.
12. Dust Brush: Made of long, soft bristles for cleaning curtains, walls, etc. The vacuum cleaner is mainly composed of dusting, vacuuming and dust filtering. It generally includes a series commutator motor, a centrifugal fan, a dust filter (bag) and a vacuum attachment. Generally, the power of the vacuum cleaner is 400-1000 W or higher, and the power of the portable vacuum cleaner is generally 250 W or less. The vacuum cleaner can remove dust mainly because its “head” is equipped with an electric blower. There is a wind impeller on the rotating shaft of the exhaust fan. After the power is supplied, the air extracting machine generates a high suction force and pressure at a speed of 500 revolutions per second. Under the action of suction and pressure, the air is discharged at a high speed, and the air in the dust collecting part of the front end of the fan is continuously The air in the fan is replenished, so that an instantaneous vacuum is generated inside the vacuum cleaner, and a negative pressure difference is formed with the external atmospheric pressure, and the dust-containing air is sucked under the pressure difference. Dust and other debris enter the dust filter bag through carpet or floor brush, long joint pipe, elbow, hose and hose joint. Dust and other debris are retained in the dust filter bag. After the air is purified by the filter, it is discharged from the tail of the body.

The advantages of a cordless vacuum cleaner

With the development of technology and the continuous advancement of technology, more and more vacuum cleaner brands have also given vacuum cleaners more functions, so that different brands of vacuum cleaners have their own characteristics, which leads users to inevitably tangled vacuum cleaners when selecting Is the brand good? In order to save everyone’s time for homework, we recommend the online hottest vacuum cleaner brand Fiona Tomefon, which explains the advantages of the brand vacuum cleaner from three angles!

Aspect brand professional
FEREF is a professional brand in the field of indoor purification in Germany. It is currently in the international rankings NO.1, and it has also won a large number of loyal users in China. The Fiona TOMEFON vacuum cleaner is equipped with cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design. It pays attention to details while not forgetting to look at the problem from the user’s point of view. In the online sales of online and offline channels, the favorable rate is the first among all brands, and it has won the first place in the vacuum cleaner sales list for eight consecutive years in the world.

Aspect two design intimate
Take the Fiona TOMEFON wireless hand-held vacuum cleaner as an example. The compact size is light enough, and it won’t feel tired even after a long cleaning. After thousands of adjustments and tests, the handrails are comfortable to hold, which effectively reduces fatigue. Once cleaned, it does not feel tired. The vacuum cleaner can be folded for easy storage and space saving, and it is thoughtful for small-sized homes.

The biggest highlight of this vacuum cleaner is its detachable design, which can separate the body and the handle with a single push. Whether it’s the floor or the table top, or the hard-to-clean car, it’s easy to get it. There is also a front LED light. When it is turned on, it is easy to see the dust at the bottom of the bed. With a multi-angle flexible rotating tip, you can say goodbye to dust without bending and laborious!

Three first-class technologies
In addition to the intimate design of a good vacuum cleaner, the most important thing is the technology. This Fiona TOMEFON vacuum cleaner is an innovative wireless technology that eliminates the traditional wire interference and restrictions, and you don’t have to worry about electricity when you want to clean it. In addition, the Fiona TOMEFON vacuum cleaner, equipped with the brand’s self-developed suspension motor and advanced cyclone technology, produces suction that is two to three times that of conventional vacuum cleaners. Even if large particles are encountered, direct decomposition can be achieved on the outside, once without dust.

In terms of battery life, it is also very surprising. The large-capacity lithium battery and intelligent power algorithm can last up to 30 minutes of uninterrupted work. Even for large-sized homes, cleaning once is enough. The carbon fiber electric roller brush used in the front end can reach up to 3,500 rpm, and the dust can be used in one place.

In terms of noise reduction, Fiona TOMEFON designers have taken into account the needs of users, and added the latest noise reduction technology to this vacuum cleaner to control the sound. During the process of use, there is almost no annoying booming, which gives the family a full guarantee of work and sleep.

The history of vacuum cleaners

In 1901, British civil engineer Booth visited the United States for a demonstration of a car dust collector in the Imperial Concert Hall in Leicester Square, London. This type of vacuum cleaner uses compressed air to blow dust into the container. Booth believes that this method is not very clever because many dusts are not blown into the container. Later, he did the opposite. With the vacuum method, Booth made a very simple test: put a handkerchief on his mouth and nose, inhale the mouth with his mouth, and the result was a layer of handkerchief. dust. So, he made a vacuum cleaner, using a powerful electric pump to draw air into the hose and filter the dust through the cloth bag.

How much does a cordless vacuum cleaner cost?


The brand’s cordless vacuum cleaner is ergonomically designed to make the vacuum cleaner easier to handle, even for ceiling lights and air conditioner gaps that are difficult to clean everyday. The military-grade lithium battery not only has a larger capacity than the traditional battery, but also can effectively improve the charging conversion rate, and comprehensively improve the cleaning efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. In a short 15 minutes, the large-sized apartment of 120 square meters can be efficiently cleaned. Flat mouth suction, brush, etc. can be freely replaced according to the needs of use, so that the dust hidden in the seat gap, air-conditioning fan blades, central control corners, no longer become a breeding ground for bacterial mites. Reference price: 629 yuan


The buycordlessvacuumcleaner cordless vacuum cleaner is designed with humanity and professional technology to easily deal with the long-lasting dust. With a single push, the whole house is cleaned, and the home cleaning is no longer bent. You only need to press the button lightly to increase the suction force. The dead corners are easy to absorb and the cleaning is more efficient. Dust off the dust with a single push of the top button, making it easy to avoid direct contact with dust, easy to clean the dust box and avoid secondary pollution. It adopts aluminum alloy sand blasting technology and has the characteristics of wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Reference price: 299 yuan

Midea’s cordless vacuum cleaner features

1 large suction, no residue. 17000PA sucks the dust and the dust in the depths of the cotton fabric.
2 Suction is controlled by the heart, manual adjustment of air volume, self-conversion of cleaning mode, efficient dust removal and low environmental protection.
367db, relatively silent, upgraded noise reduction structure, the sound is soft and not harsh, so that the family is more clean.
4 cleaning diameter of about 20 meters; vertebral body, dust box can be washed; pet massage, deep combing skin and hair.
5 quadruple filtration. Haipa filtration, polymer foam filtration, dust separation, and honeycomb filtration can effectively prevent allergies.

What are the points of attention for the use of the vacuum cleaner?

1 Make sure that the vacuum cleaner automatically cuts off the power supply due to overheat protection; 2 immediately hold the plug (not the wire) to separate the plug from the power supply; 3 determine that the vacuum cleaner is in an electromechanical separation state; 4 check whether the dust collection chamber is filled with garbage and hair; If there is a full dust collection chamber, it is necessary to clean the dust collection chamber; 6 check whether the filter of the vacuum cleaner is blocked; 7 clean the filter thoroughly and ensure that the filter is smooth; 8 remove the vacuum cleaner hose and check the hose patency. 9 If there is a blocked foreign object in the hose, it should be cleaned immediately and the hose should be restored smoothly; 10 Place the vacuum cleaner in a cool, ventilated environment to cool it naturally; 11 Restart the vacuum cleaner to check the working condition after resetting the thermal cut-off protection device; If the vacuum cleaner still does not work properly, you need to contact the service center to troubleshoot.

What are the advantages of a handheld wireless vacuum cleaner?

At present, the main hand-held wireless vacuum cleaners on the market have the characteristics of free cleaning, no power limitation, easy to use and easy to clean small parts. The LG Cord Zero wireless vacuum cleaner is based on the latest two products, wireless vertical handheld A vacuum cleaner with its wireless vacuum design allows consumers to get rid of the power cord, no need to find power everywhere, not to worry about the baby in the home being tripped by wires, vacuuming is more convenient and easy; as a wireless vacuum cleaner, it is 60min The long battery life is also commendable, which avoids the shackles that the wireless vacuum cleaner needs to charge multiple times in one vacuum, which greatly shortens the cleaning time.

DC74 handheld cordless vacuum cleaner

buycordlessvacuumcleanerDC74 handheld cordless vacuum cleaner
Dyson’s vacuum cleaner has a strong seal to reduce air leakage, so that the tiny particles in the floor gap can also be sucked out. At this time, dust and the like will be sucked into the core technology area of the machine, and the double-layer cyclone dust collector. The 15 cyclones operate in two layers in parallel. Each cyclone can generate more airflow and centrifugal force than before, and easily separate dust and dirt from the air and collect them in a transparent dust collecting bucket.